BREAKING: 100 Medical Experts Advocate for More Hotels for the Unhoused, and Quickly  

As San Francisco’s shelter in place order was being enacted, the City had about 30,000 vacant units and 42,000 empty hotel rooms while at least 8,000 people remained unhoused, either in congregate shelters or on the street. 

Currently, the City is moving into hotel rooms only those unhoused San Franciscans who test positive for coronavirus or those who show symptoms of COVID-19. This is a vital start. But it is not enough.This is why we believe our City and state must prioritize making sufficient hotel rooms available to allow every unhoused person the opportunity to socially distance fully.

Click here to read the full letter and see the health professionals who have signed on.

Community Platform


3) Create Public Health Emergency Leave and Worker Protections

4) Direct Payments to Vulnerable Workers, Not Through Employers

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7) Provide Full Healthcare Staffing at all Public Facilities

8) Give Access to Basic Sanitation and Testing for All San Franciscans

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